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One of the most difficult things in life is to examine it. Consider the choices made that led to unsavory actions. Take accountability for decisions that should or should not have been made. Yet to grow, to evolve as a human being and contribute to society, it is a necessity. Unfortunately, life is not a mirror that many want to gaze at, much less talk about unless it is in the dark confessionals where one feels safe or in this case a seedy establishment where a sinner mulls over their questionable acts, a drink of their choosing as a looking glass and a bartender as an open ear. That is the case in Charon’s Last Call, where a multitude of colorful yet realistic characters lay out their deepest darkest secrets. Secrets that are so heavy it hurts to reveal, especially in the confounds between heaven and hell. Gary Charon is left to listen to these injured souls as they tell their last story, drink their last drink, and gamble between the option of life, death, or choice. A pull from Destiny’s slot machine determines if these impious, irreverent individuals will get a second chance to live or be forced to be escorted to their destination which is unknown until the handle is pulled. Yet as life is a gamble, so is death. On some rare occasions, a soul will have the option to choose, follow the new path that life has in store for them, or release themselves to the lights of heaven or the claws of hell. Gary Charon is not a god or an angel, he is a man, serving his redemption as a designated gatekeeper to listen as others sound out the metaphoric music, of wrongs and rights blended with laughter and tears until it is time for Gary to make his Last Call.

Sixteen-year-old Tiffany has gone missing in the small town of Tenaha, Texas and it is up to a handful of misfits to unravel the mystery. Yet, to discover the truth they are led down a path of unholy terror. As the devil dances through the small community it is up to two teens on the spectrum to use their clairvoyant talents to weave through the crossroads of the living and the dead to battle with the only weapon they have; faith. 

Merritt is lost and according to her spirit guide Alma Chaser, a map is not going to bring her home. She is lost in time, and the time loop travels she meets many a serial killers, endure gruesome episodes of cruelty in the haunting eras of lost history. It is up to her to learn a lesson, not necessary to change the past, but to change herself. 

The devil is once again dancing through the small town of Tenaha, Texas to rouse up demons along the way. In the sequel to the powerful Tenaha, adolescent Laura Surge moves into the Masters' home only to discover the demonic history of the former occupants. Once again, the battle between good and evil ensues and Laura chooses to do the bidding of evil by forming a coven that would commit gruesome sacrifices causing an explosion of evil throughout East Texas. It is up to an autistic teen and a group of misfits and angels to stop the gruesome massacres that are infiltrating the heart of bible country. 

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